• An Introduction to the Diseases of Forest and Amenity Trees in New Zealand
    By Ridley & Dick (2001).
    This book has developed from notes prepared for teaching courses on forestry and amenity tree diseases for tree health surveillance staff in government and industry, and is a basic introduction.
    NZ$ 81.73
  • Assessment and Control of Dothistroma Needle Blight
    By Bulman, Gadgil, Kershaw & Ray. (2004)
    Forest Research Bulletin
    NZ$ 17.27
  • Blackwood - A Handbook for Growers and End Users
    By Ian Nicholas & Ian Brown.
    The aim of this manual, a joint venture between AMIGO (Acacia Melanoxylon Interest Group Organisation), Forest Research and MAF, is to assemble the latest knowledge on the growing and processing of blackwood.
    NZ$ 25.55
  • Cyclaneusma Needle Cast
    By Bulman & Gadgil (2001)
    NZ$ 43.95
  • Forestry Roading Manual
    Guidelines for the design, construction, and management of forest roads.
    NZ$ 115.00
  • Genetically Modified Forests
    By Rowland D. Burdon and William J. Libby.
    The term biotechnology came into common usage in the 1980s. Broadly defined, it is anything that combines biology and technology, but it commonly refers to genetic manipulation of plants and animals.
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Growing Eucalyptus Trees for Milling on New Zealand Farms
    By Neil Barr
    Neil Barr farmed at Kaukapakapa and was a founding member of the New Zealand Farm Forestry Association. He farmed with eucalypts all his life and developed a strong interest in farm forestry.
    NZ$ 25.55
  • Paulownia
    By Barton, Nicolas & Eckroyd.
    This handbook examines the growing of Paulownia in New Zealand.
    NZ$ 25.55