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A Field Guide to the Native Edible Plants of New Zealand
By Andrew Crowe.
A practical field guide to New Zealand's native edible plants.
NZ$ 30.67
A Photographic Guide to Trees of New Zealand
By Lawrie Metcalf.
In A Photographic Guide to Trees of New Zealand, fact-filled descriptions highlighting key identification features of New Zealand trees are supported by distribution maps and one or more full colour photographs of each of over 100 species.
NZ$ 25.55
A Selection of Alternative Timbers
by John Mortimer

Softcover - approx 70 pages, 148 x 210mm
NZ$ 25.55
Bioenergy Options for New Zealand - Pathways
This report looked at some of the significant biomass resource-to-user energy options in detail.
NZ$ 76.67
Bioenergy Options for New Zealand - Research & Development Strategy
Scion undertakes a range of bioenergy and biorefinery research and development activities across the whole production chain, from resource establishment through to product development.
NZ$ 51.11
Bioenergy Options for New Zealand - Situation Analysis
By Peter Hall & John Gifford.
It deals with the different processes that can be used to convert the different forms of biomass into various useable fuels.
NZ$ 81.78
Continuous Cover Forestry
By Ian Barton.
A Handbook for the management of New Zealand Forests.
NZ$ 35.78
Exotic Pests and Diseases of Pine not Wanted in New Zealand
Field Guide.
By Ridley (2003)
NZ$ 23.00
Exotic Trees The Conifers
By J T Salmon.
A Guide to Over 120 Species of Exotic Coniferous Trees in New Zealand.
NZ$ 81.78
Gardeners Encyclopaedia of New Zealand Native Plants
By V. Paddison & Y. Cave
New Zealand's unique native flora includes many outstanding garden plants - from specimen trees to grasses and ground-covers. The Gardener's Encyclopaedia of New Zealand Native Plants brings together over 2000 species, hybrids and cultivars in a highly illustrated, user-friendly volume.
NZ$ 56.22
Growing New Zealand Plants, Shrubs & Trees
By Muriel Fisher.
A completely revised and updated version of Muriel Fisher"s original text first published in 1970.
NZ$ 61.33
Handling and Gradesawing Plantation Grown Eucalypts
By A N Haslett.
This bulletin is of particular interest to growers and sawmillers involved in processing eucalypts.
NZ$ 30.67
How Much Wood Has Your Woodlot Got?
By Piers Maclaren.
This book has been written to show “non-specialists” how to estimate for themselves the volume and value of wood in a stand of trees.
NZ$ 76.67
Introduced Forest Trees in New Zealand: Recognition, Role & Seed Source
By J T Miller.
New Zealand Forest Research Institute. FRI Bulletin No 124.
Part 9. The cypresses (third edition)
Cupressus spp.
Chamaecyparis spp.
NZ$ 20.39
Kauri - ecology, establishment, growth, and management
by David Bergin and Greg Steward
NZ$ 14.97
Know Your New Zealand Trees
By Lawrie Metcalf.
This beginner's guide from the authoritative pen of Lawrie Metcalf forms an easy-to-grasp introduction to over 80 of New Zealand's best-known trees.
NZ$ 35.78
Native Forest Monitoring
By Peter Handford.
This was a major Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Management Fund (SMF) funded project to develop indicators and monitoring for native forest ecosystems.
NZ$ 30.67
Native Trees - planting and early management for wood production
by David Bergin and Luis Gea
NZ$ 14.97
New Zealand Land of Trees
By Ron Cometti.
A beautiful, full-colour book of 40 full-page paintings depicting 30 of New Zealand's native trees in their natural habitat, from Three Knights Islands in the far north through to Stewart Island and the Auckland Islands in the deep south.
NZ$ 40.89
New Zealand Timbers
The Complete Guide to Exotic and Indigenous Woods

by NC Clifton
Paperback, 170 pages, 210 x 300mm
NZ, 1994, reprinted by FRI 2003
NZ$ 81.73
Pohutukawa & Rata
By Philip Simpson.
PAPERBACK: A celebration of pohutukawa and rata, trees which have become iconic sympbols of Aotearoa New Zealand, their crimson flowers representing summer, nationhood and our unique natural environment.
NZ$ 61.33
Pohutukawa - ecology, establishment, growth and management
by David Bergin and Gordon Hosking
NZ$ 27.60
Radiata Pine Growers' Manual
By J.P Maclaren.
FRI Buletin No. 184. This manual is written primarily for small-scale forest growers, although it is hoped that larger companies may also find some chapters of value.
NZ$ 81.78
Reed Field Guide To New Zealand Native Trees
By J.T. Salmon.
Professor Salmon has taken the essential features of his highly acclaimed book The Native Trees of New Zealand and compiled this outstanding field guide for nature-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.
NZ$ 40.89
Southern Beeches
By A.L.Poole
Discusses the ecology of the beech forests in the southern regions of the world.
NZ$ 30.67
The Native Trees of New Zealand
By J T Salmon.
The colour photographs in this book - more than 1,500 of them - constitute the finest and most comprehensive record of the native trees of New Zealand ever achieved.
NZ$ 92.00
Totara - establishment, growth, and management
by David Bergin
NZ$ 14.97
Trees Farms And The New Zealand Landscape
By George Stockley
Invaluable book for growing and establishing trees on New Zealand Farms.
NZ$ 25.55
Trees and their Bark - A Selection with Stories and Pictures
by John and Bunny Mortimer

Hardback - 232 pages, 250 x 190mm
NZ$ 50.09
Trees for the New Zealand Countryside - A Planter's Guide
by John and Bunny Mortimer
272 pages

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Trees in the Greenhouse
By Maclaren 2001
While there are risks for the forest products industry, it largely stands to gain from efforts to address global warming due to new opportunities for sustainable forestry.
NZ$ 46.00
Wetlands of New Zealand
By Janet Hunt.
Wetlands are the unheralded gems of the New Zealand landscape.
NZ$ 71.55