Trees and their Bark - A Selection with Stories and Pictures

Trees and their Bark - A Selection with Stories and Pictures
by John and Bunny Mortimer

Hardback - 232 pages, 250 x 190mm

The emphasis on this book is on the often unappreciated subject of tree bark. Using over 270 photos the authors show the wonderful range of colours and textures of bark over a selection of trees growing in temperate and sub-temperate climates. Photos have been taken during travels in USA, England, Europe, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand.

With 30,000 words, stories are told relating to the history of the trees and how specimens were discovered in new countries, how they reached older countries, how they were received and what they were used for. This is an informal approach on a fairly random basis making an informative and entertaining publication, sprinkled with a little whimsy, some poetry and less publicised anecdotes. Readers will undoubtedly exclaim 'How absolutely fascinating - I didn't know that'.

As far as can be ascertained, in the last 50 years very little of a non-technical nature has been published on bark - this one takes a different approach and should appear to all tree lovers.

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