A Selection of Alternative Timbers

A Selection of Alternative Timbers
by John Mortimer

Softcover - approx 70 pages, 148 x 210mm

Too many trees, if they are not Pinus radiata, are wasted because nobody knows what to do with them when they are no longer standing. This small publication is based on reprints of articles first published in the magazine Growing Today. Each article contains information on an exotic tree which has been grown in New Zealand.

Information on the 20 species covers a description of the timber and its properties, i.e., grain and texture, density, strength, shrinkage, sawmilling, drying, durability and uses. Charts include figures for rimu and radiata to enable comparisons to be made.

Each article has a photo of the growing tree, timber panels and examples of how it has been used. The information is of value to people who are trying to sell a 'one off' single tree which has potential for use by a home handyman, or a small plantation which might be of interest to a furniture maker.

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