Continuous Cover Forestry

Continuous Cover Forestry
By Ian Barton.
A Handbook for the management of New Zealand Forests.

This is the first attempt to assemble in one place all of the information on Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) which is applicable to New Zealand conditions. It has drawn heavily on the situation in continental Europe and particularly the United Kingdom, where the history of forest management has some striking similarities to New Zealand.

"CONTINUOUS COVER FORESTRY" which is about how to establish a mixed age forest using both NZ natives and exotic trees, to be selectively logged, either as single trees or in small groups, over a long time span.
It pleases me that the author advocates the use of both NZ native trees and exotics. The results of a kauri nurse plant trial showed that a mixture of Acacia melanoxylon and Pinis elliotti gave better survival rates and height growth than kanuka.
The chief problem with continuous cover forestry is the cost of harvesting - the handful of mature trees to be cut each year need to be selected then removed without damaging trees to be left for another day.
Ian Barton is a very experienced forester and has come up with a list of 22 trees he regards as suitable for Continuous Cover Forestry."

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