The Green Teen - The Eco Friendly Teens Guide To Saving The Planet

The Green Teen - The Eco Friendly Teens Guide To Saving The Planet
By Jenn Savedge.
Today's teenagers are standing at the crossroads of environmental history. Global warming will fundamentally change the world as they know it within their lifetime.

But how to keep their healthy environmental awareness from becoming environmental anxiety? The secret is to provide them with education and tools for positive action. Written in easily accessible language, this book combines simple and quick eco-friendly tips, interviews with "green teens", ideas for organising and communicating environmental change and a host of resources in a handy "grab-and-go" format. Teens will learn: how the choices they make each day impact the environment; how to fit eco-friendly decisions into their tight schedules and budgets; and, how to effectively get today"s decision makers involved in environmental stewardship. Teens want to learn how to minimise their environmental impact at home, at school, and in their communities and get their concerns recognised by school officials, politicians, media, and even their own parents. This is the book that will help them do it, and it is also a must-read for parents, grandparents, teachers and school administrators who want to help the next generation make environmentally responsible choices

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