The Sustainability Revolution - Portrait Of A Paradigm Shift

The Sustainability Revolution - Portrait Of A Paradigm Shift
By A R Edwards.
This book paints a picture of this largely unrecognised phenomenon from the point of view of five major sectors of society...

Community (government and international institutions); Commerce (business); Resource Extraction (forestry, farming, fisheries etc.); Ecological Design (architecture, technology); Biosphere (conservation, biodiversity etc.). The book analyses sustainability as defined by each of these sectors in terms of the principles, declarations and intentions that have emerged from conferences and publications, and which serve as guidelines for policy decisions and future activities.

Contents: Introduction: Portrait of the Sustainability Revolution; Chapter 1: The Birth of Sustainability; Chapter 2: Sustainability and Community; Chapter 3: Sustainability and Commerce; Chapter 4: Sustainability and Natural Resources; Chapter 5: Sustainability and Ecological Design; Chapter 6: Sustainability and the Biosphere; Chapter 7: Future Pathways; Index.

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