Wearing Smaller Shoes - Living Light On The Big Blue Marble

Wearing Smaller Shoes - Living Light On The Big Blue Marble
By Chip Haynes.
You have been wondering how to reduce your footprint, but are intimidated by the idea that nothing less than installing solar panels and going off the grid will work. Nonsense - no need to be scared off by all that "green" noise.

You have two goals: saving your money and saving resources - and you can do that by making quiet, gradual changes over time and still living your life the way you live it now. This is not about ripping out all offending objects in your house in one afternoon and upgrading with the latest in high-tech green toys. The author outlines how he and his wife first began making small changes around the house to save electricity. They cut their power bill in half. Then they moved to recycling and brought their garbage down to almost nothing. Haynes walks the reader through every low-impact, low-tech solution - from power to recycling to shopping to transportation - with the important distinction that it won"t cost you more than you save. You can live light and go green the easy way, within your budget and stress-free. You really can. This book is all about making small changes over time, and staying comfortable with everything you do. It"s about going green without having to brag about it. (But you could if you wanted to).

Contents: Want to Leave a Smaller Footprint?; Why Would You Do This?; The Four Rs of Living Small; Saving Electricity Like Bits of String; Living Small & Keeping Your Cool; Saving Water One Drop at a Time; The Joys of Solid Waste; Surviving with Smaller Transportation; The Big, er, Small Finish; Index.

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